Reds Make a Statemen in the Early Going

By Scott A. Horstmeier Cincinnati, OH – Cincinnati Reds fans began the 2017 season with little hope.  The team clearly let fans know they are in a rebuilding phase and have two rookies and a 40 year old who has not pitched in the Majors since 2014 in the starting rotation.  These dynamics do not bode well for victories. Whatever the fans thought they were going to get, they are currently getting something much different.  The Reds currently sit in first place in the National League Central Division, home of

Cincinnati Reds Go Young with Pitching 

  By: Scott A. Horstmeier ​The Cincinnati Reds are being honest, open, and up front with their fans for the 2017 season. They have come out and proclaimed they are in a rebuilding mode. Fans of teams going through a rebuild usually experience a lot of losses, journeyman playing for the team, roster moves with the minors throughout the year, and plenty of inexperienced and young players. The Reds will have plenty of the later, especially with their pitchers. ​The Reds were not expecting to have to use so many

Spooky Baseball

By Scott A. Horstmeier Cincinnati, OH – In honor of Halloween, a spooky holiday when adults can get away with being silly, here are some strange, silly, and sometimes spooky true stories from the annals of baseball: Billy Herman: On August 29, 1931, Hall of Famer Billy Herman made his big league debut playing second base for the Chicago Cubs against the Cincinnati Reds.  Si Johnson, the Reds pitcher, threw a pitch that Herman swung on and fouled straight back.  The pitch hit behind homeplate and with a reverse English

How Programmed are Managers with their Bullpens

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez No doubt about it, it is my opinion that Bruce Bochy is a Hall of Fame manager. Won three World Series during the last 5 years with he Giants. Tony LaRussa was inducted into Cooperstown as a manager a couple of years ago.Tony La Russa managed for 33 seasons in the big leagues.Tony also won three World Series, two with St Louis one with Oakland and he is the third-winningest manager of all time. Tony was one of the first managers to often make use the bullpen,

Leo Cardenas Inducted into The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame

By Scott Horstmeier Leo Cardenas became the 67th inductee into the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame (HHBM) on Saturday October 1, 2016 in Cincinnati’s Great American Ball Park.  Cardenas played for the Cincinnati Reds, Minnesota Twins, California Angels, Cleveland Indians, and Texas Rangers in a career that spanned 16 seasons.  He primarily played shortstop, but also played some at second base, third base, and as a designated hitter.  Cardenas was known for being a very good defensive shortstop.  He was so good that he earned the nickname, “Mr.

Angels third baseman was a friend of Jose Fernandez

By Amaury Pi-Gonzalez Anaheim, CA – Yunel Escobar the Los Angeles Angels third baseman, who by the way is having a great season among the top ten in the American League in batting average over .300 was a good friend of Jose Fernandez. This is not unusual for Cuban-born players living in the Miami, Florida area. Miami was the first city that they experienced as they defected from communist Cuba. A treacherous journey across the Florida straights and many times extremely difficult to navigate because of the Gulf of Mexico